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Last reviewed: Fri, 03 Jan 2014

Climate change resources

It is important to consider publication dates when reading the information below; advances in science and changes in policies and understanding could mean that some material will be based on outdated assumptions.


2013 - Effects of Sea Level Rise On Christchurch Tonkin and Taylor [PDF 13.8 MB]. FAQs about the effects of sea level rise on Christchurch. [PDF 200KB]

2009 - Review of the Frequency of High Intensity Rainfall in Christchurch, NIWA [PDF 1.01MB]

2008 - Akaroa Harbour Settlement Study - Coastal Erosion and Inundation [PDF 4.74MB]

2007 - Climate Change: An analysis of the policy considerations for climate change for the Review of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement, Environment Canterbury

2003 - Climate Change Case Study: Assessment of the impacts of sea level rise on floodplain management planning for the Avon river, Harris Consulting Ltd [PDF 857KB]

2003 - Proposed City Plan changes to help manage development in areas vulnerable to flooding and sea-level rise - Variation 48 to the City Plan

2002 - Impacts of Climate Change on Christchurch, Christchurch City Council [PDF 363KB]

2001 - Impact of climate change on coastal margins in Canterbury, Rob Bell, NIWA [PDF 6.02MB]

1999 - Effects of Sea-Level Rise for Christchurch, Tonkin and Taylor [PDF 9.27MB]

1995 - Christchurch City Council Climate Change Policy


2010 - Climate Change Adaptation in New Zealand: Future scenarios and sector perspectives

2010 - Preparing for future flooding: A guide for local government in New Zealand

2009 - Preparing for Coastal Change, Guidance Manual for Local Government in New Zealand, Ministry for the Environment

2008 - Preparing for Climate Change: Guidance Manual for Local Government in New Zealand, Ministry for the Environment

2008 - Climate Change and Long Term Community Planning, Ministry for the Environment

2008 - New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990 – 2006, Ministry for the Environment

2004 - Planning Quarterly – climate change and the Resource Management Act

Ministry for the Environment - Government responses to climate change

NIWA's National Climate Centre - climate research and monitoring

New Zealand Climate Change Centre - climate science collaboration

Communities for Climate Protection New Zealand – Local Government for Sustainability (ICLEI)

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - forestry grants and carbon sequestration

Real Climate – climate science from climate scientists

Business and climate change conference


2009 - Copenhagen - new international agreement on climate change

2006 - The Stern Review Economics of Climate Change

2006 - An Inconvenient Truth (2006) Al Gore

1997 - Kyoto Protocol - current international agreement on climate change

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

C02 Now - Global levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Point Carbon - International trading of carbon credits

Take action

Sustainable Christchurch

Target Sustainability

Carbon Zero – carbon monitoring and offsetting

Transition Towns – resilient communities working together

Celsias – exchanging ideas that respond to climate change

Project Litefoot – individual action to reduce emissions

Sign On – send a message to politicians

Earth Hour – global movement to raise awareness

Recommended reading

2009 - Poles Apart – Beyond the shouting about who’s right about climate change by Gareth Morgan and John McCrystal

2008 - Climate Change Statement Royal Society of New Zealand

2008 - A changing climate - Environment Canterbury’s resource for school teachers and students

2007 - Hot Topic Global Warming and the Future of New Zealand by Gareth Renowden


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Last reviewed: Friday, 3 January 2014

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