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Last reviewed: Mon, 08 Aug 2011


Energy is important for the functioning of our lives - to cook, heat and transport us. However, energy generation and use also produces waste and pollution which impacts on our environment.

Energy is one of the 'pressures' on our environment

Picture of an electrical plug in a switched, double socket.

We use energy whenever we undertake an activity. A large proportion of our energy use is from non-renewable energy sources; this cannot be sustained indefinitely. As well as using a finite resource, some forms of energy use have adverse effects on our environment. For example, some fuels produce emissions which can affect our health, contribute to Christchurch’s air quality problems, and are a factor in global climate change.

Recognition of the future costs and availability of energy, and of the adverse effects of energy use on the environment, has increased the need for energy conservation and efficiency and a change to more environmentally friendly energy sources.

Energy Consumption

Fuels for Home Heating

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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Last reviewed: Monday, 8 August 2011

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