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Last reviewed: Mon, 21 Jul 2014

Seeking community views

This policy statement is now out of date and replaced by a new policy.

Refer to the Council's Significance and Engagement Policy 2014 (PDF, 201KB).

Policy Statement

1. The Christchurch City Council sees it as important to engage in processes which give it an understanding of the views within the community.

2. Such processes are one of a number of methods of gathering information which may be used to assist the Christchurch City Council with making a decision.

3. The Christchurch City Council respects all views in conjunction with other sources of information.

4. The processes will vary with the circumstances and stage of the proposal.

5. The responsibility for making decisions rests with the Christchurch City Council.

6. Processes for seeking community views will be managed in accordance with the principles below.


Seeking views occurs as an input to decision making,
not after a decision has been made.
The Council will endeavour to seek community views when:
1. The views of individuals and groups within the community will provide further information valuable to the decision making process.
2. The issue significantly affects existing levels of service.
3. Issues are controversial.

Views may be sought from the following people, as applicable:
1. Individuals and groups, local and metropolitan, who are likely to be affected by the issue; including stakeholders within Council.
2. The 'silent majority'.
3. Opinion leaders.
4. Children, youth and the elderly.
The Council will endeavour to seek views by:
1. Fostering relationships, networks and partnerships as well as consultation on specific issues, so as to be sensitive to changing views.
2. Being honest and open.
3. Being prepared to listen and change our view.
4. Having flexible approaches to seeking community views.
5. Increasing the ability of and making it easy for people to contribute, especially those who would not ordinarily participate.
6. Providing equitable opportunities for stakeholders to participate.
7. Providing the information necessary for informed comment.
8. Being well planned and prepared.
9. Communicating effectively before, during and after seeking views.
10. Being timely and responsive.
11. Giving people sufficient time and notice to contribute.
12. Informing participants of the outcomes of their input.
13. Having clear, transparent processes.


  • The Council has statutory requirements to consult with the community in a number of contexts. This policy relates to circumstances where it is not legally required that community input be sought.
  • This Policy is not intended by the Council to create any expectation of legal rights in any person or group of persons.

17 December 1997


Authorising Unit: Strategy Support

Last reviewed: Monday, 21 July 2014

Next review: Wednesday, 21 January 2015

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