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Last reviewed: Fri, 20 Sep 2013

What’s happening with the Belfast Area Plan?

BAP Implementation

Christchurch City Council adopted the Belfast Area Plan in June 2010, the framework to manage urban and business growth in the Belfast area of Christchurch. The plan covers about 1315 hectares of land and will be implemented progressively during the next 35 years in line with planned growth under the Draft Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP) and Urban Development Strategy (UDS).

Since the adoption of the Belfast Area Plan, Council staff have developed an Implementation Plan. This is a detailed programme of actions for the next three years to work towards achieving the objectives of the Area Plan.

Status of some key implementation projects:

  • Rezoning of some land for development has been brought forward post-earthquake events and the Belfast Area Map from the LURP [PDF 1MB] shows status of land zoning for development and major infrastructure improvements as at September 2013.
  • Implementation of the Styx River Stormwater Management Plan - Stormwater discharge consent was granted by ECan in June 2013.
  • Northern Arterial Motorway planning in progress.

Styx River Stormwater Management Plan

Radcliffe Rd Drain 2003

Radcliffe Road Drain upstream of 283 Radcliffe Road bridge following removal of timber-boxing and re-grading (19th September 2003)

larger view ]

Radcliffe Rd Drain 2013

Naturalisation of Radcliffe Road Drain upstream of 283 Radcliffe Road bridge (27th March 2013)

larger view ]

Examples of naturalising a waterway
in the Styx River Catchment:

Traditionally, stormwater has been discharged directly from pipes, concrete channels, boxed drains and pumping stations into the waterways, often carrying contaminants and other pollutants.

The new approach is to develop waterways in recognition that the natural environment is highly sensitive to the effects of land-use activity. Sealed surfaces, as an example, result in a greater risk of flooding and reduce surface water filtering into groundwater, placing our aquifers at risk. As new residential and industrial areas are developed around waterways in the Styx River catchment, these waterways will be assessed and where possible, be naturalised to improve water quality, better manage flood risks and enhance natural habitats.

Naturalised stormwater facilities will be built throughout the area, using sedimentation and detention basins, wet ponds, swales and wetlands to treat and manage stormwater run-off before it enters our waterways.

Northern Arterial Motorway

This $100+ million project is planned for construction to commence in 2016, subject to consenting, property purchase and funding approval. Visit the NZTA website for further information. 

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Last reviewed: Friday, 20 September 2013

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