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Last reviewed: Wed, 07 Sep 2011

The Art of Lighting

Art Gallery Atrium.

The large atrium at the Art Gallery has many functions:

  • as an entrance to the gallery,
  • reception area,
  • a meeting place,
  • an entertainment area, 
  • a display opportunity and 
  • a showcase for the interior of the sculpture wall.

As such, it is important that the lighting in the area is clear, high in intensity, neutral in colour and able to operate for long periods with minimal maintenance.

The lighting initially installed in the atrium was 300 and 500 Watt halogen lamps, with a rated life of 4000 hours. The lights functioned well, but the relatively short life span of the lamps was problematic as a cherry picker is required to access the high ceiling areas. The lights also added approximately 45 kilowatts of heat to the area, the equivalent of three large log burners.

The power demand of these lamps was also a consideration, with power requirements of:

6 lamps

X 500 Watts

=3000 Watts

53 lamps

X 500 Watts

=26,500 Watts

52 lamps

X 300 Watts

=15,600 Watts

Power requirement for previous atrium lighting

45,100 Watts (45.1 kW)

(There was some additional power required for the ballasts)

Technology has moved on quickly since the first commissioning of the Art Gallery in 2002, so that in November 2008 light fittings were installed that improve many of the operating parameters of the previous lighting, including:

  • life span, 
  • heat production, 
  • maintenance, 
  • lumens emitted (or light produced) and 
  • power required.

The power demand of the new lamps is as follows:

6 lamps

X 150 Watts

=900 Watts

53 lamps

X 84 Watts

=4 452 Watts

52 lamps

X 8 Watts

=416 Watts

Power requirement for present atrium lighting

5768 Watts (5.768 kW)

(There is some additional power required for the ballasts)

The upgrading of the lighting has reduced the energy requirement of the lighting by 39 kilowatts or approximately 140,000 kilowatts or $15,000 a year.

There are additional benefits to the change, including:

  • The lamps installed have a lifespan of 12,000 to 15,000 hours, reducing the maintenance costs by at least a third.
  • The air conditioning costs in summer will likewise be reduced.

The benefits of the project

Art Gallery Stairs to the First Floor from the Atrium.

The benefits of the project include:

  • a reduction in the energy required to operate the lighting
  • a reduction in the electricity costs
  • a reduction in the heat produced by the lighting 
  • a reduction in air chilling costs in the atrium area 
  • a reduction in maintenance costs.

Things to consider for your business or home

The Art Gallery: Exterior of the sculptured wall.
  • Is there lighting that could be changed to energy efficient lighting that will reduce our energy use?
  • Are there areas that become over heated that a change in lighting might benefit?

Authorising Unit: Energy

Last reviewed: Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Next review: Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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