Councillor and Community Board candidates for Banks Peninsula Ward.

Banks Peninsula Ward - Councillor (1 required)

Howard NEEDHAMIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Banks Peninsula Ward area. I am also standing for Mount Herbert Community Subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board.

Stop the continual rates raises.
Stop the closed door meetings. We need an open council with all deals made public.
The continued growth of previous council spending needs to stop. The rate payer is not a bank. Council needs to concentrate spending on the needs of the city not the nice to have luxury spending currently going on.
I have lived on the peninsula for about 5 years while running a business in Christchurch.
Our unique communities and environment around banks peninsula can be misunderstood by many of the city councillors.
As an independent in council I can present fresh eyes to our issues while stopping stupid secret spending deals.
All my life I have been self employed having to rely on myself for problem solving on a limited budget.
To get change you need to post in your vote. If you don't, nothing will change.

Andrew TURNERThe People’s Choice

My principal place of residence is in the Banks Peninsula Ward area.

I have been Councillor for Banks Peninsula since 2013 and Deputy Mayor since 2016. I have chaired Council committees, have previously served on the Community Board, and as Chair of the local business association. I have successfully established and run small and medium sized businesses, and have held governance roles in community and commercial organisations. I have lived in Lyttelton since 2003. I am committed to community development, the environment, arts culture and heritage, economic development, good infrastructure, and social equity. I offer continuity, significant governance and local government experience, a strategic and sensible approach, strong relationships, excellent knowledge of our local communities and of council and its processes. I believe in openness, transparency, and a balanced community-led approach to decision making. I have successfully championed, supported and delivered significant environmental, infrastructure and community projects and improvements. Please re-elect me to continue to deliver good results for Banks Peninsula.

Akaroa Subdivision - Banks Peninsula Community Board (2 required)

Nigel HARRISONMy principal place of residence is in the Akaroa subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

I was born in Akaroa and grew up there making me a fifth generation local. I have recently returned to live in Akaroa on a permanent basis after working in the Printing Industry for 40 years, with the last 15 years as South Island Manager for Amcor Packaging.
While in this Senior corporate role, I represented the Industry on the National Industry Training Organisation Board, the last three years as Chairman - with that, I bring to the role a history of Senior Management and Boardroom skills and experience.
Also, in my Management role I raised and donated money to The Conservation Trust, Hinewai, native plants for Onuku and sponsored Five Tui in their release.

I have a passion for Akaroa and Banks Peninsula, I come with no other agenda other than to see the districts needs are managed and to effectively represent the Akaroa District.

Keith MOLLOYMy principal place of residence is in the Akaroa subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

I am a long-term resident of Akaroa town. I am standing as a candidate for the Akaroa Community Subdivision Community Board because I want to provide a strong voice for our community.
I am single/widowed with a very strong sense of family. I am currently flying commuter aircraft with 40 plus years in the aviation industry, including many management roles.
Involvement in our community - Member of Lions and a current Volunteer Fire Fighter with the Akaroa Volunteer Fire Brigade. I have good analytical and communication skills. A focus for me on the community board would be to see improvements on the peninsula going forward for the benefit of our people, greater whanau and community. A vote for me is a vote for a good leader and community minded person who only seeks to implement solutions.

Jamie STEWARTIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Akaroa subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

Jamie is well known in Akaroa as a third- generation business owner in the historic Akaroa Pharmacy building on Akaroa's Rue Lavaud (now the Peninsula Trading Post). He grew up in Akaroa and attended Akaroa Area School, working for the Akaroa Auto Centre as a young man learning all about cars and tyres. This led to a career in the tyre industry spanning 28 years culminating in his role as Head of Marketing for Goodyear Dunlop Tyres NZ. Jamie returned home to Akaroa in 2015 and having now settled back here feels it is now time to get involved in the community and help make a difference. I am very approachable and accessible on a daily basis and feel this is an important aspect of this community board role, said Jamie.

Lyttelton Subdivision - Banks Peninsula Community Board (2 required)

Reuben DAVIDSONThe People's Choice - Labour

My principal place of residence is in the Lyttelton Subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

Kia ora, my name is Reuben Davidson. I'm a Lyttelton resident standing for the community board alongside Tyrone Fields as part of a People's Choice/Labour team. We believe that working together is a great way to make sure Lyttelton voices get heard at council.
My background involves producing children's TV shows like What Now and Fanimals. I work with children and animals every day, and I love it. My television industry experience has given me skills to manage large budgets, work with a diverse mix of people and serve an audience.
I know from talking with other Lyttelton residents that our water, our environment, local infrastructure and policing are important issues for our community. I'm committed to doing all I can to advocate for our current and future issues.
Feel free to stop me on London Street or get in contact to have a chat.

Wendy EVERINGHAMMy principal place of residence is in the Lyttelton Subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

Lyttelton is my home.
I enjoy the diversity of our community and the wealth of knowledge and ideas here. Your creativity and energy have always motivated me to make things happen for our community.
I'm well suited to this role with a background in transport, community development, tourism, reserves, financial management and local community groups.
I understand our community and the challenges it faces. I am empathetic, accessible and committed to listening to our people.
I view this role in two parts. Guardianship of what has been built up over the years and a champion for community initiatives of the future.
I believe that together we have all the skills we need to reach our goals.
We are the experts in our place and I will champion that in an open and transparent way.
I look forward to your support.
Fb Wendyeveringhambankspeninsula 0210476144

Tyrone FIELDSThe People's Choice - Labour

My principal place of residence is not in the Lyttelton Subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

My name is Tyrone Fields and I love Lyttelton. It has been my family's home for generations and I was humbled to have been elected in 2018 by Lytteltonians as one of your Community Board representatives. I have spent most of my career as a financial analyst, recently I have qualified as a social worker. I am using my skills to help our most vulnerable and I have brought this practice with me into local government. I have developed during my time in local government becoming more aware of what needs attention. I will work towards the betterment of our harbour, parks and streets and will always ensure that we keep public facilities in public hands. I'm standing alongside Reuben Davidson this year, because we believe a People's Choice/Labour team will strengthen Lyttelton's voice at council. Please feel free to get in touch, I am here to listen.

Wairewa Subdivision - Banks Peninsula Community Board  (1 required)

Tori PEDENMy principal place of residence is in the Wairewa subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

Firstly, I would like to thank the community for letting me be their Board representative for the past three years. I have enjoyed it and I feel I have achieved a few things;
Little River Tennis/Netball courts (all going to plan) will be reinstated by Christmas this year. Banks Peninsula has seen its budget doubled for extra metaling of gravel roads. Funding is in the budget for the Playground extension (behind the shops), and the restoration of the Coronation Library. And with input from the community, well overdue drainage works are starting soon around the village.
I look forward to further advocating for the community to council and other organizations and helping the community further its resilience.
Having lived in the area for 18 years, with two children at school and Playcentre, and helping run our family business, I find Wairewa is a fantastic place to live, work and explore.

Marcus PUENTENERIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Wairewa subdivision of the Banks Peninsula Community Board area.

I am a resident of Little River/ Wairewa and ask for your vote to effectively represent you on the community board. I am involved with several local volunteer groups and believe I can bring sensible, practical skills to the committee.
As a small, seasonal business owner, with a determined attitude, I have the time and flexibility to make our issues a priority for the council.
These include road safety, flood mitigation, preservation and management of our historic buildings, financial support for our volunteer organisations, public transport and water management.
We have plenty of skilled, innovative residents with expertise who know our issues and can solve many of them. Projects should be managed in a cooperative way with the local community, saving council money and keeping our economy prosperous.
As your advocate I would make sure we are heard loud and clear and that concerns are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Mount Herbert Subdivision - Banks Peninsula Community Board (2 required)


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Howard NEEDHAM is elected unopposed.

A by-election to fill the remaining vacancy will be advertised after the triennial elections have been finalised.


This candidate information has been compiled under the Local Electoral Act 2001. The Act provides than an electoral officer is not required to verify or investigate any information included in candidate profile statements and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in such statements.