Candidates for Coastal Ward and the Coastal-Burwood Community Board (Coastal Ward)

Coastal Ward Councillor 

Electing 1 Councillor

David EASTDavid EAST


My principal place of residence is in the Coastal Ward area.
Current Councillor - Coastal Ward. Community Board - 9yrs, Chairman 2007 -10. Fourth Generation Resident
My focus
Infrastructure repair: Supporting the Ward infrastructure repair programme, advocating for changes where necessary.
Community Projects and Facilities:
Projects of significant involvement: QEII Recreation complex, Relocation of High Schools to QEII Park, Retention of Gravity Sewer in Parklands, Retention of Rawhiti Golf and South Brighton Camp.
Ongoing projects: Coastal Hazards - reasoned and practical approaches to Sea level rise, Estuary edge - practical solutions, protecting adjoining areas, Coastal Promenade - enhancing our coastal assets, Hot Salt Water Pools and Rejuvenation of New Brighton CBD in conjunction with Development Christchurch  Red Zone Land - its future. Promoting aquatic recreation, cycle ways, wetlands restoration, storm water retention, parks and reserves.
My vision is - The place where the City comes to play.
Experienced and knowledgeable in Local Body Governance, I seek your vote for re election in the Coastal Ward.


My principal place of residence is not in the Coastal Ward area. I am also standing for Canterbury District Health Board.
24 years ago I left South Brighton for Waikuku Beach and sadly watched the steady decline, underinvestment, over promises, under delivery in this stunning environment. Those living in the coast do it for a reason, lifestyle, its values, the environment and a sense of community. The earthquakes should have accelerated the work programme for this area but I believe you've been patronised with grandiose plans without looking after the basic maintenance requirements of roads, recreation faculties and drainage. You deserve stronger representation; passion is not enough. It's time to stop the rhetoric and time for action. I am strong, forthright and have experience in coastal communities as a previous Waimakariri Deputy Mayor and regional councillor. If elected I will return to this piece of paradise and will vigorously demand that from Southshore to Brooklands you are treated with a much better level of service and the community's views are respected


The People’s Choice - Labour

My principal place of residence is not in the Coastal Ward area.
It's an honour to ask for your vote to represent you.
I have advocated for and supported fellow citizens as an insurance expert over the past six years. I want to represent my community now because we are in a period of change with challenges that demand we find, in a transparent way, solutions that give all a fair go.
There is no room for arrogance, ignorance or talk down behaviour. We need honest, realistic solutions to real problems. We love the area that is the Coastal Ward because of its plentiful and easy access to natural habitat and landscapes: the beach, sea and forest. These need to be protected and have good safe access so we can enjoy our beautiful environment.
We can work together to improve our lives and help our community because I want, like you, a life that isn't broken.


Coastal Ward of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board

Electing 2 Members


The People’s Choice - Independent

My principal place of residence is in the Coastal Ward of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board area.
I am the current Burwood Pegasus Community Board Chairperson during a time where extraordinary circumstance has called for extraordinary leadership. I have been fortunate to lead a united board overcoming numerous challenges, making complex decisions and overall helping to make the ward a better place to live.
My passion is advocating for the recovery and enhancement of the greater New Brighton and Coastal communities and this focus earned me an earthquake award for running a welfare centre after the quakes.
My previous training and experience in geology, ministry, accounting and business leadership equip me to serve on the boards of Rebuild Christchurch, Eastern Vision and Avondale School.
I want to ensure the positive gains made this term continue to enhance a productive working relationship with the community, Council, Development Christchurch and Regenerate Christchurch as we continue to consult on challenges such as the Residential Red Zone and Coastal regeneration.



My principal place of residence is in the Coastal Ward of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board area.
For 35 years I have enjoyed living and raising a family in our amazing coastal community. While working in residential property management and development I have brought positive change in our Ward through various volunteer roles. These include the New Brighton Pier and Foreshore Society, North Beach Residents Association and Canterbury Youth Services (Easter Camp, Spencer Park).
As Chairperson of a coastal Trust I have played a leadership role in the beach promenade proposal and am currently working with Council and development entities. This follows a successful partnership with Council on the North Beach War Memorial/Community Centre refurbishment. My strengths in building relationships and engaging stakeholders, combined with my community knowledge, will help bring progress to our Ward.
Action will restore hope and certainty. I'm a person of vision, action and perseverance. It would be my privilege to serve you. Recipient: Christchurch Earthquake Award, Burwood Pegasus Community Services Award



My principal place of residence is in the Coastal Ward of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board area.
For three terms I have had the privilege of being a community representative on the Burwood Pegasus Ward Community Board, consistently advocating and working for betterment in our community. I'm proud of the work myself and so many in the community have put in to improve our area and reveal the gem of the East. I have a strong history of speaking out on important topics and have worked hard to ensure community issues and voices are not only heard, but acted on.
We have exciting opportunities developing that have been hard fought for and my contributions within a significant amount of local community groups, speaks volumes to my passion and drive for the area.
My sincere hope is that my achievements to date are valued and trusted.
Your vote will ensure I continue to advocate and enable our vision for the Coastal Ward.