Strong communities

The concept of community is fundamental to people's overall quality of life and sense of belonging. We want Christchurch to be a place full of strong communities, where everyone feels they have a place in the city's future.

Strong sense of community

Residents' quality of life depends to a large extent on the informal caring and supportive networks often found at a neighbourhood level.

Active participation in civic life

The Council wants to encourage a sense of citizenship amongst residents, and to involve them more deeply at all levels of decision making.

Safe and healthy communities

Safety, and feeling safe, from crime is important for individual and community health and wellbeing, and for perceptions of the city.

Identity through arts, culture, heritage and sport

Communities grow stronger when people feel their culture and heritage is celebrated.

Valuing the voices of children and young people

In order to build a positive future for Christchurch, the views of children and young people need to be heard.