Residents and motorists have raised concerns about safety at the intersection of Wairakei and Grahams roads. To improve safety here we’re making changes to the road layout.

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 21st February 2020 - 9th March 2020
21 Feb 2020
Wairakei and Grahams Rd Intersection

Wairakei and Grahams Rd Intersection

There have been four serious crashes in the last five years at this intersection. In 2018 there was also a serious pedestrian accident and Council have been requested to also improve safety for pedestrians at this intersection.

The current layout has both turning and straight ahead arrows in each lane approaching the intersection. This increases the likelihood of drivers changing between lanes, often without indication, to move around right-turning traffic.

What we’re doing

  • Realigning the lanes on all four approaches
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Introducing painted cycle lanes
  • Extending the no stopping area

We will also remark an existing bus stop on Wairakei Road while we are working in the area.


Making the intersection safer

We are going to realign the lanes, from two shared lanes to a dedicated right turn and a shared left-turn/straight-through lane on each approach. This will improve traffic flow and reduce poor driver behaviour.

We’re also improving pedestrian and cyclist safety by introducing fully protected pedestrian phases across all approaches, and with the changes, newly painted cycle lanes can be included due to the additional road space.

We are also extending the no-stopping restrictions on both sides of the road on all four approaches.

Before the Waimāero/Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board make their decision on these changes,  we want to know what you think.