New lease/licence for new pavilion and practice nets

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 15th April 2019 - 13th May 2019
15 Apr 2019

UPDATE - 7 August 2019

Consultation has now closed

Summary of feedback

We received 172 submissions.

From the feedback received, we have changed the position of the practise nets. 

Submissions [PDF, 421 KB]

Consultation - 15 April to 13 May

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park


  • The Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club pavilion on Elmwood Park was partially demolished due to earthquake damage.
  • Temporary portable buildings were sited within the footprint to use as changing rooms until new facilities could be considered.
  • The Club’s lease for a pavilion building on Elmwood Park has reached final expiry, therefore an entirely new lease approval process is now required for the rebuild of their facilities on the Park.
  • The Club’s practice nets are currently located alongside the main pedestrian path through the park which presents pedestrian safety issues.
  • Outside of this lease/licence process, some changes to the layout of the different marked sports fields are being planned by Council, and both the new pavilion and the nets have been positioned to avoid conflict with these.
  • The club propose to relocate the practise nets.
  • We are proposing to grant a new lease/licence to the Old Boys Collegians  Cricket Club and a new pavilion and practise nets.
Perspective view of new pavillion - Image courtesy of Athfield Architects

Perspective view of new pavillion - Image courtesy of Athfield Architects

New pavilion building 

  • A concept design for a new pavilion building has been developed. The position of the new pavilion has been changed slightly from the original layout to improve visibility and safety.
  • As a condition of play for senior cricket competition, the Club must provide separate changing facilities for players and umpires, including a covered area for official scorers, and toilet facilities.  The new pavilion will provide shade/shelter for the batting team, first aid, limited kitchen facilities and storage.
  • The proposed ground lease area for the pavilion building, and associated decking, steps and ramps, is approximately 444 square metres.
  • The new cricket pavilion building has been considered in the context of The Elmwood Club’s proposed facility development which is mostly on the adjoining school land. It will not provide a large space for social functions as it is anticipated that the proposed new development by The Elmwood Club will meet this need. The Elmwood Club facility will be, however, too separated and distant from the playing fields to meet the requirements for senior cricket competition.
  • The proposed new pavilion will also be able to be used by football teams during the winter months.
Proposed lease and licence areas

Proposed lease and licence areas

New cricket practice nets

  • New cricket practice nets (approximately 518 square metres in area) are proposed to be built in the north-west corner of the playing fields away from the main pedestrian path through the park.  
  • The nets have been carefully positioned to avoid conflict with the large established trees in this area of the park.

 New cricket practice nets plan [PDF, 7.2 MB] - Image courtesy of Rough & Milne Landscape Architect