When moving to another Council district you must let the both Councils know.

Contact us for any other change of district.

It is an offence not to comply with this requirement and an owner may receive an infringement notice (or maybe prosecuted) for failing to comply.

On receiving the information, each Council will record the address changes and if the dog is currently registered the new Council will issue a new disc or label at no charge. The existing registration will remain current until 30 June next when the registration expires.

An owner of a dog that has been classified as dangerous under the Dog Control Act 1996 should note that the 'Dangerous' dog cannot be transferred to any other person without the consent of the Council in whose area the dog is to be kept.

In the case of a dog leaving New Zealand, you should notify the Council before the dog leaves so that we can update our records. 

Transfer of dog from one address or district to another

  1. Where the owner of any dog changes his or her address within the district of a territorial authority, he or she shall, within 14 days, give notice in writing of his or her change of address to the territorial authority.
  2. Where any dog is transferred to and is kept, for a period of 1 month or more, in any territorial authority district other than that in which it has been kept, the owner shall, within 6 weeks of the transfer, give notice in writing of the transfer to the territorial authority in whose district the dog has been kept and to the territorial authority to whose district the dog is transferred, setting out the address at which the dog will ordinarily be kept.
  3. Where the dog is registered, the territorial authority or territorial authorities concerned shall, without fee, record the changes in its register or their registers, and the territorial authority in whose district the dog is ordinarily to be kept shall, without fee, issue a new label or disc for the dog.