For children aged 5 years and over, group lessons are a series of progressive classes catering for all abilities. Children progress through the levels of achievement working towards the end goal of performing five water safety skills continuously.

COVID-19 Alert Level 2 update for Swimsmart

Swimsmart lessons are running during Level 2 but with limited times and programming. This allows the instructor to be outside of the pool, which is safer for our staff and customers (physical distancing). 

At Taiora QEII, Graham Condon and Pioneer, only Tigersharks, Barracudas, Marlins and Squads are running. At Jellie Park, only Barracudas, Marlins and Squads are running.

Lessons will begin on 25 May and will run for six weeks until the end of term two. We’ll review this offer for term three.

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child underwater kicking


Monday to Friday from 3.30pm and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

25 minute lessons.


For the non-confident beginner who has had little or no aquatic programme experience. The classes focus on safe entries and exits, blowing bubbles and submerging in water and floating in the water with assistance.


This class is designed to work on floating and propulsion skills. This is the right class if your child can: Float on front and back relaxed with assistance, blow bubbles and can go underwater and retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool.


This class is designed to teach the basics of freestyle, backstroke and water safety skills. This is the right class if your child can: Float on front and back, kick on front and back with a board.


A class that introduces breathing techniques, survival backstroke and works on increasing water safety knowledge. This is the right class if your child can:

  • swim with confident freestyle arms
  • swim backstroke independently

Tiger Sharks

This class is designed to consolidate breathing skills with freestyle and backstroke and water safety survival skills including using a lifejacket. This is the right class if your child can:

  • swim 10m freestyle with breathing
  • swim 10m backstroke


A class designed to increase swimming distance in freestyle and backstroke, introduce breaststroke arms and a 50m survival swim. At the beginning of this class the child should be able to:

  • breathe with their freestyle 15m
  • backstroke 15m and demonstrate propulsion through the water using a sculling action


Designed to consolidate technique of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke while combining water safety skills learnt in earlier levels to be able to perform a sequence of 5 water safety skills continuously. This is the right class if your child can:

  • swim 25m freestyle with bilateral breathing
  • swim 25m backstroke
  • swim breaststroke

Junior Learners

A great opportunity for children aged 9 to 14 years who have never learned to swim. Designed to build confidence and water safety skills for the older swimmer within a small group, starting with floating and moving onto freestyle and backstroke technique.