Crater Rim - Sign of the Kiwi to Sign of the Bellbird

view into harbour

Start: Sign of the Kiwi, Summit Road, Port Hills

Finish: Sign of the Bellbird, Kennedys Bush Reserve, Port Hills

Distance: 4km

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes one way

Toilets: Located at the Sign of the Kiwi

Dogs: Under effective control


Start just below the Sign of the Kiwi. The track begins beside a low stone wall, leading you around the Lyttelton Harbour side of Coronation Reserve to a saddle on the Summit Road. The track continues uphill, sidling above the Summit Road until it reaches a small open area opposite a large shingly car park.

Cross the Summit Road and pick up the track on the other side. Cross again at Worsleys Road. Here, the track climbs to the top edge of Hoon Hay Reserve then descends gradually, following the Summit Road to the car park at the head of Hoon Hay Valley.

*From here, the walkway is temporarily closed between the junction with Ella's Track and Sign of the Bellbird - and beyond as far as the south side of Mt Cass.

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