‘Between the Waters’ – Polish Legacy in NZ Charitable Trust presents classical music lovers and staunch history enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to embark on a journey back into early 20th century New Zealand. Be enchanted by the exceptional imprint on New Zealand's music scene, the nation’s social life and people’s hearts that resonate to this day across the country. All of it flavoured with another Pole’s fascination with New Zealand’s landscapes and the intricacies of Earth’s terrain.

The book by Jacek R. Drecki - ‘Ignacy Jan Paderewski – A Pianist Amidst The Geysers’ is a meticulously researched narrative of the virtuoso’s New Zealand visits and concerts, which documents his interactions within Pākehā social circles and Māori tribal whanau, and presents us with the distinctive legacy left behind by this Polish patriot and statesman.

Join the author of the book, Jacek R Drecki, and ‘Between the Waters' – Polish Legacy in NZ Trust for an unprecedented encounter with Paderewski.

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