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Last reviewed: Tue, 13 Jul 2010

Lost or found animals

The Council keeps a record of reported lost and found animals to help reunite pets with their owners.

If you have lost or found an animal, please report it to the Council by phoning (03) 941 8999.

Our Animal Control Team can assist if you have lost or found:

  • a dog
  • stock (cows, sheep, horses, etc)
  • poultry.

Please report any lost or found animals to the Council by phoning (03) 941 8999 .

Unfortunately, we can not help with animals such as cats, guinea pigs, rabbits or birds.

We will ask you for information to help identify the animal, including breed, colour, height, sex and any distinguishing features, and for your contact details so the owner/finder can get in contact with you.


Picture of a dog control officer reuniting pet with owners.

Animal Control enjoys reuniting dogs with their owners.

Animal Control enjoys reuniting dogs with their owners. Our rule is to:

Where possible, reunite the dog with its owners as quickly as possible and without penalty.

However, if the dog is known to be a previous offender it is likely to be impounded.

If you have lost your dog, as well as phoning the Council, you should also phone and/or visit the animal shelter to check whether your dog is there. Remember, it is important to ensure your dog is always wearing its registration tag or is micro-chipped so we can help identify it once found.

If you find a dog, we will try to contact the owner for you and ask that they arrange to pick their dog up from you. If we can not contact the owner, we will arrange for the dog to be collected by an Animal Control Officer, who will take the dog to the animal shelter.


If you find livestock or poultry wandering unsupervised on a road or public area, please phone the Council on (03) 941 8999 .

Other animals

If you have lost or found an animal other than a dog, livestock or poultry, you may phone the Council and record the animal on our database. This will only be a record to help reunite the animal with its owner. Council can not collect, impound or assist in finding these animals.

Other options

Pets on the Net is the SPCA's authorised 'lost and found' website. Check their site to see whether your pet has been located.

Visit the SPCA’s animal care centre in Wigram to see if your pet has been handed in there.

SPCA Canterbury Animal Centre
Phone: (03) 349 7057
Open hours: 10am–4pm, Monday to Saturday


Authorising Unit: Inspections and Enforcement

Last reviewed: Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Next review: Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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