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Last reviewed: Thu, 21 May 2015

Dog registration and micro-chipping

The Dog Control Act 1996 states every dog must be registered by the time it is three months of age. It is then the owner’s responsibility to ensure the registration is renewed every year by 1 July.

The Christchurch City Council is required by law to keep a register of all dogs in the area. To ensure this is kept up to date, a reminder notice is sent out in May and June to all registered dog owners to renew their registration.

If any unregistered dog is impounded, it must then be micro-chipped. Any registered dogs impounded more than once are also required to be micro-chipped.

How to register your dog


  • download a form below and post to:

Animal Managment
Inspections and Enforcement Unit
Christchurch City Council
PO Box 73037
Christchurch 8154

  • drop in to any Council service centre
  • phone (03) 941 8999 and request a form
  • update your registration details online.

Forms and fees

How to microchip your dog

Dogs registered for the first time after 1 July 2006 are required by law to be micro-chipped (livestock working farm dogs are exempt). We strongly recommend that you microchip your dog anyway to ensure it is easily identified and quickly returned to you if lost.

Your veterinarian can microchip your dog for a fee.

From Wednesday 3 April, the animal shelter can microchip your dog, from 11am–noon each Wednesday. It is free of charge for any dog registered with, and resident in, the Christchurch City Council area. Dogs registered or resident outside Christchurch will not be microchipped by the Council.

Read more about the animal shelter's microchipping service [PDF 236KB].


Authorising Unit: Inspections and Enforcement

Last reviewed: Thursday, 21 May 2015

Next review: Saturday, 21 May 2016

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