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Last reviewed: Thu, 17 Jan 2013

Make a query or report a problem

To request a service, report a problem or for information please E-Mail us including the information below.

Please include your name and, should you wish to be contacted, your daytime phone number.

Type of service *
Council rental housing
Dogs (registration, complaints)
Employment (also see for information or to apply for a job)
Leisure activities (festivals, sports facilities)
Libraries (including: local history, family history and general Christchurch information)
Parking (fines, restrictions)
Pests (bees, wasps, rats)
Property (consents, fencing, sub-divisions, planning, building)
Rates / finance (earthquake relief, payments, arrears, valuations, due dates)
Rubbish / recycling
Sewer (smell, leak, blockage)
Streets (traffic, roadworks, signs, cleaning, grass berms)
Water (supply, quality, leaks)
Waterways (open drains, streams and rivers)
Other (please specify in the request)
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Please include details of the information you require and/or the address or location of the problem.

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We need to know how to contact you in case we need further information, or to let you know what is happening with your request.

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Authorising Unit: Customer Services

Last reviewed: Thursday, 17 January 2013

Next review: Wednesday, 17 July 2013

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