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Last reviewed: Tue, 09 Sep 2014


Photo of graffiti under bridge.

 Graffiti vandalism is not a victimless crime, the people whose property is defaced, the community whose property values are affected, and the citizens who feel insecure in their own community are all victims of graffiti vandalism. Graffiti vandalism contributes to community unease. It can lead to a perception that an area is out of control and can increase the fear of crime.

Graffiti Vandalism or Tagging is any mark done without permission of the owner.

We would like your help to reduce graffiti vandalism in Christchurch. Rapid removal of tagging is the best way to keep graffiti from returning. If you have seen graffiti vandalism please report graffiti by using our Make a query/Report a problem form, or call 03 941 8999 or email .

What does the Council do?

  • Removal of graffiti vandalism from Council property by the Christchurch City Council contractors.
  • Uses a coordinated approach by working with groups including the Police, community groups, property owners, retailers, utility companies, transport companies, CERA, Probation and graffiti-removal contractors in a coordinated approach.
  • Working with communities to develop murals on frequently targeted buildings or property.
  • Coordinating clean up days with community groups
  • Coordinate the Off the Wall graffiti vandalism removal volunteer programme (Link through to the Off the Wall programme)
  • Provide education in schools about graffiti vandalism
  • Offer presentations to community groups about graffiti vandalism
  • Assist the Police with graffiti investigations using our graffiti vandalism database
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Authorising Unit: Community Support

Last reviewed: Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Next review: Monday, 9 March 2015

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