Take Charge Christchurch is a battery electric, zero exhaust emission, vehicle outreach programme.


Battery electric vehicles will improve air quality and resident's health through zero exhaust emissions, help reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, and will result in a greater proportion of energy used for vehicle transport being from renewable resources.

Greenhouse gas emissions

The Christchurch Community Carbon Footprint 2016/17 estimated that approximately 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in Christchurch are from road transport. Increasing the uptake of battery electric vehicles will assist in reducing our city’s emissions.

Health effects

The Ministry of Transport warns that research suggests the most damaging of vehicle emissions to people’s health and wellbeing are particulates and carbon monoxide.

Emissions from vehicles include:

  • particulates
  • carbon monoxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • nitrogen dioxide
  • sulphur dioxide
  • benzene

Battery electric car sharing

In 2016 Council started a project to create a city-wide 100% battery electric car sharing scheme for businesses and the public.

As a result, in February 2018, the Yoogo Share service was launched and now has 75 battery electric cars available at hubs across the city.

To find out more please visit zilch.nz(external link)


Council and Red Bus worked together on researching available battery electric bus technology.

Red Bus will have three battery electric zero exhaust emission buses in June 2019 to service the airport to bus Interchange route.

Council van

A battery electric van is used for central city parks maintenance.

Public chargers for electric vehicles

Council worked together with Orion to install 14 public charging points and a fast charger on Council property.

Council have also installed charging sockets at it's Lichfield Street car park and at the Taiora QEII Recreation and Sport Centre.

The Christchurch Agency for Energy has provided grants to support businesses to install public charging on their parking sites.

You can find charging locations at www.plugshare.com(external link)

Charging symbol

In 2016 Council designed the national electric vehicle charging symbol which was adopted by the NZ Transport Agency to be used for:

  • A parking place with a charging station, reserved for electric vehicles to charge their batteries
  • Direction signage to electric vehicle fast chargers

Visit the EECA website www.electricvehicles.govt.nz(external link) to learn more about electric vehicles.

Take Charge Christchurch information and test drive events

The Christchurch City Council is partnering with battery electric vehicle suppliers to provide you with the opportunity to test drive and learn more about battery electric vehicles.

Find out more about vehicle:

  • purchase, maintenance and running costs
  • travel range
  • battery life expectancy, replacement cost and reuse and recycling
  • chargers

We're keen to find out what people think about the experience of battery electric vehicles and whether they would consider purchasing a battery electric vehicle.

Public events

Public events will be arranged by the Council at public locations. Times and locations will be confirmed.

Business events

Business events are run at your business premise. 

Register your business if you're interested in a Take Charge Christchurch business event at your Christchurch business location. 

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