Housing supply

The 2010-2011 earthquakes had a significant impact on the City's supply of housing.

Thousands of homes were demolished or repaired, and entire suburbs were deemed unsuitable for housing and were red-zoned. This resulted in a city-wide housing shortage, but unprecedented levels of residential construction in recent years have seen a return to a sufficient supply of housing.

Total new and replacement housing

Over 13,000 net new dwellings have been built since the 2011 earthquakes. A further 6,500 have been rebuilt.

Residential construction by location

Following the earthquakes, the amount of net new housing within new greenfield areas outnumbered that within established infill areas.


In 2013, there were 148,800 dwellings in Christchurch City. 88 percent were occupied.

Vacant land

The Council needs to ensure there will be enough residential land capacity to match the future demand in urban areas.