Your mobile food cart must be suitably constructed for the type of food preparation, handling and sale activities that are intended to take place.

It must provide adequate protection for any food that is likely to be contaminated by adverse environmental effects such as dust, insects, birds, rain and direct sunlight. All surfaces such as floors, walls, ceiling, shelving, benches etc (where provided), must be smooth, impervious and easily cleanable.

The Ministry for Primary Industries has a tool to help you find out the rules you need to follow for your type of business operation(external link).

Environmental protection

Environmental protection may be provided by using:

  • a suitably constructed caravan or vehicle
  • screens, awnings, tents, ground coverings, canopies, covers or umbrellas made of canvas, plastic, or other suitable material that may be appropriate for protecting the food handling areas from environmental contamination
  • hygienically constructed food containers capable of being totally enclosed, or by having all food for sale prepacked.