If you need to demolish, remove or relocate a building you may require building or resource consents.

You require a building consent to:

  • demolish or remove a building if it is attached to another building or is over three storeys in height. (Refer to exemptions under the Building Act - Schedule 1(external link) if this applies to your situation)
  • relocate a building to a new site.

You will also require resource consent to:

  • remove or demolish a listed heritage building
  • relocate a building onto the site of a heritage item
  • relocate any building onto a site within the Lyttelton or Akaroa Character Area Overlay in the Christchurch District Plan
  • relocate some types of building onto a site within other Character Area Overlays.
  • The Resource consent application form (including Checksheet) can be accessed on this page.

If you require a building consent, complete and submit the following application form and check sheet:

You may also need to fill out additional forms as specified on the application form or checksheet.


Refer to the Building Consents Fee Schedule.

Refer to the Resource management fee schedule.

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