Types of projects

Requirements for specific building projects that you may need to get a building consent for.

Inside and around your property

Requirements and building consents needed for projects in and around your property.

Single residential dwelling and accessory buildings

Guidance for obtaining a building consent if your project includes: a single stand-alone dwelling or an accessory building such as a garage, car port, gazebo, shed, deck or retaining wall.

Multi-residential, industrial or commercial buildings

Guidance when obtaining a building consent for a multi-residential, industrial or commercial building.

Residential demolition, removal and relocation

If you need to demolish, remove or relocate a building you may require building or resource consents.

Change of use

An owner who intends to change the use of a building must give notice in writing to the Council.

Alternative accommodation

Building consent requirements to convert a residential garage or building into a habitable space or sleepout.

Tiny houses

Information on building codes, zoning and consent issues for tiny houses.