Building consent

Apply for a building consent

Guidance on applying for building consent with us, and how to change or withdraw your building consent application after you've submitted it.

Using online services

Use our Online Services to apply for building and resource consents, to track your applications, avoid scanning fees and reduce application processing time.

Exemption from building consent

We explain how to apply for an exemption from a building consent and under what conditions exemptions can be considered.

Changes after receiving a building consent

If you wish to make changes to your building consent this may be done by way of a minor variation or an amendment.

Avoiding requests for information (RFIs)

By supplying quality applications, you will minimise the number of requests for information (RFIs).

Withdrawing a building consent application

You can withdraw a PIM or building consent application at any time prior to the consent being granted.

List of building consents issued

Subscribe to a list of building consents issued on a monthly basis

Building consent authority accreditation

Information about the Council being recognised as an accredited Building Consent Authority and what this means when we assess, process and issue your building consent.